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A Student of Colleges: Fundamentals of Independent Educational Consulting by Dr. Steven R. Antonoff

“Steve Antonoff has once again provided us with a treasure trove of knowledge about the profession of educational consulting in his newest book, A Student of Colleges: Fundamentals of Independent Educational Consulting—a must-read for anyone involved in the field of educational consulting! Through his engaging writing style, Steve demonstrates his long-standing commitment to the profession as well as his love for the work he does.” —Judith S. Bass, Certified Educational Planner; Chair, American Institute for Certified Educational Planners; Bass Educational Services, LLC, Olney, Md.

“No one has contributed more to the advancement of the profession of college consulting than Dr. Steve Antonoff. He has been a spectacular role model to hundreds seeking to become a guide and counselor to students entering the college search and application process. More than this, he has dedicated himself to raising professional standards by writing, speaking, guiding, leading, and teaching to ensure practitioners grow and become more knowledgeable and more ethical in their work.This book marks a wonderful beginning for those who want to not just join the profession but also aspire to be among the best. Steve helps readers understand the role of consultants and much more. He explores counseling theory and the importance of communicating effectively and building partnerships with parents. He makes it clear that being an IEC is not about ‘admission’ but about the student’s journey of self-discovery. Steve shares with the reader the secrets that have made him and his practice the essential archetypes of the independent educational consultant. And while he underscores the need for ongoing training, workshops, and study, no one should doubt that this book is THE starting point for anyone beginning a journey in this exciting and fulfilling profession.” —Mark Sklarow, Chief Executive Officer, Independent Educational Consultants Association, Fairfax, VA

“Steve Antonoff writes with clarity, integrity, and authenticity about guiding young people in their transition to college. He does so with urgent support for the preparation of those who might work in private counseling, emphasizing the absolute imperative to be ‘certified’ as an educational planner (CEP). His voice is one I trust, and his commitment to guiding and counseling students to find the right college/university fit is a shining model for the entire private college consulting industry.” —Richard H. Shaw, Dean of Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid, Stanford University, Stanford, CA

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